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Italian Cookbook
by Kate Whiteman, Jeni Wright, Angela Boggiano

good recipes, good photos and easy to follow instructions

Somebody I used th Know
by David Bell Books

This is a good book. The protagonist is a 'perfect' male. He loves his ex-girlfriend., his dog, his wife's son.... but I enjoyed it so much. I couldn't put it down. There are a lot of twists and turns in the story but in the end I have to give it a big thumbs up

Midwives By Chris Bohjalian
by Chris Bohjalian

I expected better from this author. The story would have been much better told in 20 pages or so instead of 370. It was told from the point of view of the midwive's 14 year old daughter and was rambling and filled with information no relevant to anything. The story involves a patient of the midwife dying. The midwife preforms an emergency d section to save the baby, The state says she commited murder. She says she did not.

The City
by Dean Koontz

My favorite author; fantastic and suspenseful book with a positive message in the end.

the houseguest
by kim brooks

It was very interesting to learn about american Jewry in this period but the story was not my favorite. There were no likeable characters and I frsnkly just wanted the book to end.

Sarah's Key By Tatiana De Rosnay
by Tatiana De Rosnay

A very good book. A girl thinks she locks her brother up during WW2 and the roundup of french jews. Her grand daughter in 2005 while researching the roundup uncovers this sad story. A good read

The Girl On The Train Paula Hawkins
by Paula hawkins

This is a very good book. It's about a girl with a serious drinking problem who always sees a couple outside the train window in their back yard. One day she sees the women kiss another man in the yard and soon after this women turns up dead. The girl on the train, Rachel goes to the police and gets involved with the woman's husband. I highly recommend this book

The Sleepwalker By Chris Bohjalian
by Chris Bohjalian

A very good page turning thriller although the conclusion is a little far fetched. A woman is missing/ten found dead and is a sleepwalker. Did she wander off while sleepwalking or was she killed?

A Fierce Radiance
by Lauren Belfer

The story was poor, and I kept waiting for the book to end but the time period of the book was fascinating and that was interesting and so were the author's noes at the end. The book was written in 1941. Penicillin wasn't available and people died of ordinary things-like cat scratches to the knee which led to blood poisoning which is unheard of now. Also WW 2 was going on. Now we know that NYC wasn't bombed or invaded but that was a fear then, the protagonist filled her cellar with canned goods and a can opener and was worried that her deaf son would not be able to hear the air shelter warning if a bombing were to occur. LIFE magazine even ran an article detailing what to do with your pets during a bombing since they are not allowed in bomb shelter.

The Flight Attendant Chris Bohjalian
by Chris Bohjalian Books

A very good book. It starts out swinging with a murder and a drunk flight attendent who may or may not have myrdered her one night stand victim. As the story goes on you find out that the victim is not an innocent man but a man who was 'dirty'. He was passing secrets and his investors were losing money since he was scamming them and skimming off the top.
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