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Book Reviews
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The Polish Officer
by Alsn furst

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I am interested in books of this time period and this is a very good fiction book.

Salt Fish Girl
by Larissa lai

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So the animal connection isn’t quite as overt as in my other reviews, but I adore this book. It is speculative fiction at its finest, an epic biopunk novel that reflects and warps advances in genetics, pharmacology, mechanics to reveal the violence wrought on nature in the name of progress. It’s got themes of ecological resurrection, questions about what makes us human, and what we can owe each other when we feel we have nothing to give. The writing is so, so good. If you, like me, felt that Poison Ivy was always a much more sympathetic, complex character than DC comics often gave her room to be, then this is a book for you. If you want to read East-Asian-inflected dystopian fiction without the orientalist baggage that usually weighs down the genre, this is also a book for you.

Until there was us
by Samantha Chase

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Megan has to drop her "walls" to embrace a new relationship.

The Guest Room
by Chris Bohjalian Books

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fast paced thriller. I couldn't put the book down. A man throws a bachelor party for his brother. They hire what they thought were strippers but they were sex slaves, The slaves kill their handlers at the party

Three months in florence
by Mary Carter

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A light read. Not very believable but a fun optimistic book.

The Rent Collector
by Camron Wright

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Fantastic book. Not one you would think would be but it was wonderful.

Those Who Save Us By Jenna Blum
by Jenna Blum

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The story of a german woman who lived through ww2 and didn't want to discuss it and a daughter who wanted to find out.

A Fierce Radiance
by Lauren Belfer

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The story was poor, and I kept waiting for the book to end but the time period of the book was fascinating and that was interesting and so were the author's noes at the end. The book was written in 1941. Penicillin wasn't available and people died of ordinary things-like cat scratches to the knee which led to blood poisoning which is unheard of now. Also WW 2 was going on. Now we know that NYC wasn't bombed or invaded but that was a fear then, the protagonist filled her cellar with canned goods and a can opener and was worried that her deaf son would not be able to hear the air shelter warning if a bombing were to occur. LIFE magazine even ran an article detailing what to do with your pets during a bombing since they are not allowed in bomb shelter.

The Broker
by John Grisham Books

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A typical John Grisham legal thriller.

Inexplicable Logic Of My Life
by Benjamin Alire Saenz

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Beautiful and poetic, very emotional and all the characters have my whole heart!

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