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Book Reviews
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The Sleepwalker By Chris Bohjalian
by Chris Bohjalian

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A very good page turning thriller although the conclusion is a little far fetched. A woman is missing/ten found dead and is a sleepwalker. Did she wander off while sleepwalking or was she killed?

The Alice Network
by Kathleen Quinn

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Slow, parallel stories.

Immortals Of Meluha
by Amish Books

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Interesting perspective on mythology

The Secret Of The Nagas
by Amish Books

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Breath of fresh air

The Flight Attendant Chris Bohjalian
by Chris Bohjalian Books

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A very good book. It starts out swinging with a murder and a drunk flight attendent who may or may not have myrdered her one night stand victim. As the story goes on you find out that the victim is not an innocent man but a man who was 'dirty'. He was passing secrets and his investors were losing money since he was scamming them and skimming off the top.

Inexplicable Logic Of My Life
by Benjamin Alire Saenz

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Beautiful and poetic, very emotional and all the characters have my whole heart!

The Broker
by John Grisham Books

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A typical John Grisham legal thriller.

by Dan Brown

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A typical Dan Brown Robert Langdon book with symbols ,a madman protagonist, beautiful young side kick and descriptions of cities and museums that sound like TripAdvisor.

by Ron de christoforo

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This book was written after the movie Grease and the movie was much better. This book contains other characters and other plots.

50 Children The Rescue Mission Of Mr And Mrs Kraus Book
by Daniel Kraus

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An unknown to me story about a kinder transport to the us. Very interesting

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